Spartamet Onderdelen MET shop Dealer section.

Welcome in the onderdelenMETshop.
Part of Sekeris Supply & Support
This part of the site is exclusive for dealers.
Private persons can order via https://www.onderdelenmetshop.nl.

You can request for a dealer account by creating an account.
After we have received your details your request will be evaluated and if more information is needed we will contact you.
If your request is approved acces to prices and the ordering system will be granted.

Because we can no longer rely on the importer for the delivery of spare-parts stock is very low and new agreements with manufacturers have to be negotiated.
At the moment a minimum delivery time of 2 weeks should be considered as normal.
Because of this not all parts are visible yet and we are working hard to improve this.

We deliver worldwide via the Dutch PostNL.
If possible we ship everything in one shipment. If backorders have to be made shipping of the backorder is free.

Pickup of your order at ouer registered address is possible only by prior appointment.
All prices are shown with Sales Tax included (21% VAT) and tax excluded (0% VAT).
For shipping outside the European Union the shopping cart is corrected to 0% after login. (Export)

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