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or in full frequently asked questions.
What is the delivery time of my order?
We ship your order on theTthuesday after payment is received.

Please keep in mind the minimum delay for money transfers.
Within the Netherlands:
Knab to Knab --> Almost immediate
Other Bank to Knab --> 1 working day
From Belgium --> 4 working days
From Germany --> 5 working days
From the UK ---> 6 working days

If parts has to be ordered from the manufacturer there will be an extra delay of 1 to 2 weeks.

We will send an Email notification if the shipment is done.
We ship everything via Dutch Postnl and in the Netherlands the shipment should arrive the next working day.
Other countries normally take 3 to 5 working days.

If the status of an article is 'No stock' this means we have to order it from the manufacturer. This proces takes normally 1 to 2 weeks assuming that the part is in stock.
If I order by phone will it be shipped faster?
Principally this is the same as ordering through the site.
We prefer orderering through the site to exclude typing mistakes in addresses and articlecodes.
When I order will I receive new or used parts?
We only deliver new original Sachs spare-parts.
Some times a good and cheaper alternative is available from a different brand. In this case the part-number will end in 'im' for imitation.
Some times we have good used parts available but this parts will be placed in a separate categorie for a second-hand price.
The part I am looking for is not in the listing.
There is a great possibillity that we can deliver the part you are looking for.
Not everything is listed on the site yet.
If you send us an email at info@onderdelenmetshop.nl we will try to locate the part you need and place it in the shop.
Which fuel is used in the spartamet?
A mix of good quality full synthetic 2-stroke oil and super fuel (RON98) in a ratio of 1:83,....
Preferrable is a fuel with a lead-substitute.
If not available you can substitute it yourself and use unleaded-fuel.
If you plan to use the engine for longer rides (>10km.) or heavier load (no dutch flat roads) it is advisable to use a higher oil : fuel ratio. (for example 1:80)
This ratio can go up to 1:50 for very heavy duty.
Remember that the more oil you use the faster the coal build up in cylinder and exhaust will be.
My engine is not working, what can I do?
The most common problems are found in the carburettor due to dirt built up.
Alway remember that it is a plain 2-stroke engine and check the more common things.
Is there fuel in the tank?
Is the spark-plug working?

More detailed help is available at ouer support site:
This site is mainly in dutch language but will be translated in the near future.

Please check this first and if those sites give no solution you may alway try an Email to info@onderdelenmetshop.nl.
We are not able to repair trough email but we will always try to give you some clues to find and correct the problem.

If you are afraid for grease on your hands find a good repair shop.


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