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General Terms and Conditions OnderdelenMETshop.
spartamet spare-parts/mail order service.

OnderdelenMETshop is part of Sekeris Supply & Support and will be further on referred to as salesman.
The person or company making the purchase will be further on referred to as buyer.
Confirmed in writing includes Letter, Fax and Email (Excluding the automatic generated order confirmation)

Section 1: Application of this condions

1.1 This conditions apply to all offers, orders and contracts from seller unless stated differently in writing for all goods and services

1.2 If the buyer is referring to his own conditions when making the purchase we reject this condintions at forehand unless we confimed in writing to accept this conditions.

Section 2: Agreement

2.1 Orders count as accepted by salesman when confirmed in writing.The date of the confirmation as counts as the date op acceptance.

2.2 Additional agreements or promises made by ouer employees, representatives, agents or intermediates are only valid when confirmed in writing.

2.3 Salesman keeps the right to reject any order without any explanation.

Section 3: Cancellation

3.1 Cancellation of any confirmed order/agreement is in principle not possible.

Section 4: Prices

4.1 Unless otherwise stated all prices shown are under restriction of price changes.

4.2 In case of price changes we are authorized to raise the prices if needed with respect to any legal issues that may apply. In this case the buyer has the right to cancel the order unless the price change is the result of legal restrictions.

Section 5: Payments

5.1 Unless otherwise agreed and confirmed in writing payment has to take place to ouer bank account within the time stated on the invoice.
The transaction date on our account is taken as valid payment date.

5.2 When orders has to be delivered in a way different from the standard surcharges may apply.

Section 6: Interest and Costs

6.1 When a payment is past de payment date the buyer is in violation of these conditions and the salesman is autorized to charge a legal interest of 2% per month counting from the invoice date where a part of a month is counted as a full month.

6.2 When the buyer thoes not pays the invoice (in full or partial) or does not fulfil any other part of the agreement the salesman is authorized to charge the buyer with all costs (including interest and collecting fees from third patrys) resulting from this overdue condition.
The cost for collecting are minimal 15% of the invoice and outstanding interest with a minimum of € 250,00 when we use a third party for collecting.

Section 7: Delivery

7.1 Stated delivery times are only an indication. Salesman can not be held responsible for delays in the transport. If the salesman is not capable to deliver in a reasonable time the buyer is justified to cancel the order and entitled to reveive back any payment already made.

7.2 Salesman is obliged to respect the stated delivery times as much as possible. Salesman can not be held responsible for these delivery times if the reason for the delay was not foreseen at the time of the agreement. In such cases (Fire, Strike, Transportation problems, Manufacturing problems) salesman will try to agree with buyer on a new delivery time and buyer has the right to cancel the order.

7.3 When a cash on delivery order is refused by the buyer salesman is authorized to charge the buyer for the shipment costs.

7.4 Salesman will make any effort possible to ship the order in one shipment. If this is not possible salesman can decide to make partial delivery if buyer agrees. All extra cost for the partial delivery are for the salesman.

7.5 Buyer has to check the order when receiced to be complete and in good order. Complaints has to be made within 14 days of the shipping date.  After this period salesman can not be held responsible.

Section 8: Swapping and Return

8.1 De buyer has the right to return the goods within 7 days without any given reason. (Cool down period, Rules for distance Sale)
The goods has to be in the original unopened packing and should not be used.

8.2 The payed order amount will be payed to the account of the buyer within 30 days after the goods are inspected and approved for.
Shippng cost are not refunded.

Section 9: Transport and Liability

9.1 The way of shipping and packaging are if no special demands are made by the buyer decided by the salesman.
No liability is accepted for damage or loss after the order leaves the store of salesman.

9.2 Transport is always the risk of buyer even if the transporter states otherwise.

Section 10: Guarantee

10.1 Unless salesman provides his own certificate of guarantee and taking in account the following restrictions we guarantee the good working and manufacturing of the goods only as far as the manufacturer guarantees this goods. We will not accept any claims other or extending the guarantee given to us by the manufacturer

10.2 The guarantee will not apply in the following cases:

- The fault is caused by poor craftmanship of the buyer, wrong mounting or if the goods are used in a way not suited or intended for.
- If the parts fail due to normal wear and tear.
- If the parts are modified or changed during the guarantee period without written permission from the salesman.
- If the buyer failes any obligation resulting from the agreement.

10.3 Ouer guarantee means that we during the guaranteed time will replace the faulty goods for new ones.
No claims will be accepted for resulting damage or extended repair cost higher than the original value of the goods.

Section 11: Applicable law

11.1 On all offers and arrangements from salesman and the fullfilment of these Dutch law applies.

Section 12: Changes to these conditions

12.1 Salesman keeps the right to change this conditions when needed.
Changes apply immediate when visible on this site and are always shown to buyer before a purchase is made.

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